Direct Equity Advice

Updated on 3rd February'2014

  • Do you have the time to follow news, performance & analysis of the market day by day?
  • Are your current investment allocations suited to your goals & risk profile?
  • Do you understand the complex rules of our Tax system & their relation to your assets?
  • Are you confident that your investments are providing real returns?

As part of my strategically focused wealth management service I provide clear, transparent advice on share trading & discuss the options available to realise your specific goals.

Quality information is critical to selecting the best strategies, structures & allocations for managing your personal wealth.

Investment in Direct Equities has many advantages over Managed Funds;

  • Direct ownership of the assets; gives you greater control
  • Investment as an individual;
  • Liquid & portable
  • Suits whichever investment entity you may have

Managing a Direct Equity portfolio is not as simple as 'playing the market';

There are a wide range of factors to consider that can drastically impact upon the real returns you receive from increases in the value of your shares.

For example Capital gains tax can detract from your realised income; however this can be offset by losses incurred on other investments.

Professional advice covers all financial factors, not just the market price

If you currently hold Direct Equity investments, whether managed by yourself or through another professional, I can offer a fresh perspective on the performance of your existing portfolio & present strategies for rebalancing to better suit your current & anticipated circumstances.

Contact me for more information on Direct Equity investment & to discuss the options available to you.

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