Welcome to Aquarius Private Wealth Management

Hello, my name is David Moses and I am the founder and owner of APWM.

ecognizing what’s important to you, setting realistic financial goals, understanding what you want to achieve or protect and helping mould your future is what’s important to me!

You see, at APWM I can’t do my job of securing your financial future until I know these things about you. I work hard to build a strong

Updated on 1st July 2019

relationship with you based on sincerity, empathy and most importantly, trust. Understanding and really knowing you means I can help serve you better.

I'm proud of the fact that the solutions I offer you are not off the shelf. They are hand-picked and tailor-made for your unique and individual circumstances. If you’d like to know more, just select the section of my website that best suits your needs or simply watch my video.

A little background:

aving worked in the financial services industry for nearly 20 years both domestically and internationally and in a career I am passionate about I always knew I would realize my dream of establishing my own financial services business.

Having a really clear idea of what it was I wanted to create in November 2010 Aquarius Private Wealth Management or APWM was established.

A boutique financial planning and advisory service devoted to excellent service, a modest number of clients, attention to detail offering independent solutions at realistic fees in an environment where you and I work as a team is what it comes down to.

Helping you achieve those financial goals in an appropriate structure and risk environment are paramount and are topics I will go into in depth.

To see if APWM can be of benefit to you please click on the icons above that relate best to you and of course please send me an email with any questions to david.moses@aquariuspwm.com.au


Most important of all there’s You, before reading on can I ask you to ask yourself these few important questions:

•  Do I get the attention and advice I want?
•  Is my existing or future portfolio going to meet my goals?
•  Are my fees realistic and match what I expect?
•  What am I trying to achieve financially and for what purpose?

•  Is the service I receive personal and courteous ?
•  Do I like to having my queries attended to that day?
•  Are my financial affairs in order?
•  Where do I stand if I have an accident and were unable to work or perform    my normal job?
•  What financial position is my family in if I were to pass away?
•  Am I part of an exclusive group?

At APWM the questions above are paramount and as part of my getting to know you process are addressed and answered. Experience has taught me over the years that clarity gives assurity.

My job is helping define the above and plan for both the expected and unxpected!

This site is for Australian residents only and the information (including taxation & legal) on this website is general in nature and does not consider your individual circumstances or needs. Do not act until you seek professional advice and consider a Product Disclosure Statement.

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