Portfolio Construction

Updated on 3rd February'2014

  • Do you currently, or are you looking to own an investment portfolio?
  • Has it been constructed with due consideration to your risk profile?
  • Are you currently taking advantage of Direct Equity investments?
  • Have you considered Electronic Traded Funds? (ETF's)
  • Is your cash earning the best possible interest rate?

A well constructed investment portfolio is a worthwhile wealth tool

  • provide for your future capital & income requirements
  • give you peace of mind, so you can relax & enjoy success,
  • enable your wealth to grow with minimal effort from you.

ETFs can be a useful tool for rounding out your portfolio, providing diversification while offering lower costs compared with mutual or managed funds.

Investment in Direct Equities gives you greater control over the direction of your assets while offering tax advantages. With the expertise & experience to make the most of advantages offered by various types of assets, I can create a diversified portfolio that will perform for you over the lifetime of your investment.

I can advise you on the most effective allocation of your resources

  • Spread across a range of asset classes, investment structures & equity markets
  • Suited to your risk profile & financial goals
  • Shaping a diversified portfolio that will perform throughout the lifetime of your investment.

Strategic asset allocation is the key to diversification & essential for asset protection. Diversifying your allocations allows you to spread risk across your portfolio. This both protects the bulk of your investment & allows you to take advantage of price peaks in each market cycle.

Your wealth is positioned to grow during the peak of the cycle & you wonít miss out or lose money by trying to 'time the market'. The process begins with clarifying your current situation, your future needs for capital as well as your risk tolerance.

The first step toward a privately managed & monitored personal portfolio

Once we have created your ideal investment portfolio & devised a strategy, you may choose to either:

  • Manage & monitor it yourself, independently
  • Continue to receive periodic rebalancing advice & independent reviewing from me or
  • Allow me to manage & monitor your investment through my PPM (Private Portfolio Management) service.

Aquarius operates on a fee-for-service basis, which means I donít receive commissions from either your investment performance or financial product providers. Your decision should take into account your level of comfort & familiarity with finance & investment as well as the affordability of increasing your level of service.

Contact me to organise a time to discuss the opportunities available for expanding your wealth & a secure financial future.

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