Private Portfolio Management (PPM)

Updated on 3rd February'2014

  • Do you currently own an investment portfolio?
  • Are those investments made within the most advantageous investment structure or entity?
  • Is it managed in line with your financial goals?
  • Does your adviser or firm provide you with exclusive attention when it comes to your portfolio?

A premium investment management solution without compromise

PPM involves working together to find the right investment strategy for you according to your circumstances & needs.

The ultimate goal is ensuring your money is working effectively to fund the future lifestyle you’ve earned.

Your portfolio will be;

  • Designed to meet your financial goals for a secure & comfortable future
  • Suited to your risk profile & tolerance to ensure your best laid plans remain on track
  • Enhanced through tax efficient investments & planning to minimise income lost to taxation
  • Monitored with ongoing evaluation & periodic rebalancing to maintain performance aligned with your plan

You retain control of the overall direction of your investments while I look after the day to day transactions & administrative duties.

The Aquarius Advantage; The rewards & quality service you’d expect from an exclusive club

"It often pays to stick with one advisor who can get to know you over time" (ASX Brochure 'Getting Started in Shares')

Aquarius is about delivering personal care & attention with financial service & advice that's tailored to you. You aren't just an account number; you're an individual receiving the best efforts of the man running the show. More importantly, I work harder & with more care because I know the person behind the paper.

My aim with Aquarius was to devote more time to individual clients & to building relationships because;

  • A stronger relationship means stronger communication
  • Greater involvement lets me recognise opportunities that suit specific investors & act quickly
  • My decisions & advice can be tailored around your preferences, situation & circumstances
  • Operating autonomously means I'm flexible & free to operate without bureaucracy, so I can respond quickly

As a boutique investment adviser serving a small & select group of clients I am able to achieve this.

Transparent Investing for your peace of mind

You are free to check up on your investments at any time plus each transaction is recorded & reported. Along with the security this provides your portfolio management service includes periodic reports & all your required paperwork completed accurately, on time.

  • Complete transparency with full disclosure on the details of all transactions & costs
  • 24 hour Online account access & accurate reporting when you need it
  • End of financial year disclosure & reporting on personal assets, income & tax considerations.
  • You're provided with all the information required for decision making & tax planning

If you aren't completely confident with the performance of your existing portfolio & would like to have a frank & open discussion of your options, contact me to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

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